Ickypedia: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words by The Listies!

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Australia's most sought-after kids comedian's present:
"ICKYPEDIA: A Dictionary of Disgusting New Words" written and illustrated by The Listies published by Puffin Books.

From ALPHABURP* to ZINKLEGRITTING** the ICKYPEDIA has some of the most ridiculous, stupid and GROSSTASTIC*** words you've never read before.

FRUIN: To spoil a perfectly unhealthy snack by adding fruit to it.
SPEWTIFUL: a beautiful spew. See also POOTIFUL.
UDDER PANTS: Undies for cows.
ICKYPEDIA: An incredibly disgusting book you should never, ever read.

A collection of crazy, smelly and just plain disgusting words, scribbles, pooetry, quizzes and gross histories by Australia's most-loved comedians for kids.

'This is the worst dictionary ever published.' A Teacher
'You will actually get stupider by reading this book.' A Scientist.
'Delicious!' A donkey.
'It's full of snot, vomit and jokes about flatulence. Children will hate it.' ROALD DULL****
'The best book ever written!' The Listies, who wrote it.
'If the Wiggles are the Eagles then The Listies are the Sex Pistols.' Dave O'Neil

200 pages, black and white with colour cover. Shipping cost is $5 for 1 book, $3 for each additional book within Australia. Shipping is $8 for the rest of the world and $5 for additional books.
*To burp the alphabet
**To freak people out by rubbing tinfoil on your teeth
*** Fantastically Gross
**** The world's most boring children's author. Not be confused with the very NOT boring author Roald Dahl.

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The Listies Melbourne, Australia

The Listies are Matt Kelly and Richard Higgins, a duo who make and perform comedy for kidults (kids and their adults).

They do this on stages all over Australia and the world! More details via our facebook!

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